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Bill Wiess at Blind Skateboards demanded that a sexy bro-model be made for Anthony "Mappy" Mapstone - a thank-you for being one of the weirdest dudes in skateboarding.

Perth Control

10pm // 07.04.2015

Watch Matty Dillon, Dean Parsons, Chris Smyth, Will Hine, Aarron Winter, Ben De Rome, Dylan Tomlinson, Jono Power, Josh Jones, Cameron Markin, Karl Dorman and Vaughan Marks ripping around Perth.

Precinct Skate Shop's latest edit from the archives covers a 2002 road trip from New South Wales to Canberra.

Hype Squad at Coorparoo

11pm // 30.03.2015

Watch Trent Riley, Mitchell "Mashy" Howse, Pat Pollock, Hayden Howse, Zeik Dickson and Loogz session Brisbane's Coorparoo skatepark in the blazing sun.

Herstwood Hit Japan

8pm // 30.03.2015

Boyd Young, Michael Lawry, Jack Anderson, Shai Balmer, Marcus Warren, Takashi Maekawa, guest Casey Ainsworth and more Herstwood homies shredding the streets of Japan in this clip by Curtis Hay.

Damn! Joely comes through with an absolute banger at his local park in this clip from The Bay.

Elanora Bowl Clip

8pm // 26.03.2015

Enjoy some shredding at the Gold Coast's Elanora Bowl, featuring Keegan Palmer, Jesse Noonan, Andrew Currie and more.