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Mark Gonzales for Fourstar

12am // 11.12.2014

This long, curved boardslide from Mark Gonzales is insane. The Gonz can't be stopped! 

Rat Sesh 18

7pm // 10.12.2014

Filmer James James has dropped another rad Rat Sesh clip. 

Element Australia welcome Brisbane powerhouse Dennis Durrant to the team. 

South Island Escape

7pm // 09.12.2014

Jake Duncombe, Gabriel Summers, Pat Dandy, Corey Leso, Mitchell "Mashy" Howse, Richard Flude and Andrew Currie battle the brutal cold to shred New Zealand's South Island.

The Bay Mall Crawl

11pm // 08.12.2014

Watch Alex Lawton, Dennis Durrant, Mikey Mendoza, Dylan Hughes, Joel Wilshere, Mitch Morrison, Woody Butwilowsky and more ripping a custom set-up in Brisbane's Brunswick Street Mall. 

Sunday Hardware Company has emerged out of Sydney. A creation of shredder and filmer George Kousoulis, with a team consisting of Dean Palmer, Nik Stipanovic, Cody Riley, Corey Young, Billy Lukins, Floyd Scott, Adam Moss, Pup, Jae Overton and George himself.


The Bay's Dennis Durrant, Tommy Fynn, Joel Mcilroy and Alex Lawton recently hit the road to Canberra.