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3pm // 13.07.2017

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Cops clash with skateboarders at the Dolores Park hill bombing event. Source: @swarmlife

Footage has emerged of a skateboarder plowing into a parked cop car after colliding into an officer who stood staunchly in the path of the bombing good times.

It’s alleged that the cop shoulder-checked the skater intentionally. “He put himself right into the path of that skater and held his ground. He could’ve easily stepped away and it would have been OK,” Travis Knapp-Prasek told Kron 4.

The skater who suffered the blow was reported to have sustained a broken ankle, a torn ligament in his knee, and sprained fingers. Investigations continue to see who’s at fault.

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Another angle – you be the judge…

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Jake Phelps also took a heavy tumble earlier. Thrasher has since reported that, “Jake is OK.” Source: @chicobrenes

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Shit went haywire. Source: @btvisuals