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12pm // 12.01.2018

Lewis Marnell SNKRS Lead 1920x1020
It's been five years since Lewis Marnell passed away from complications with diabetes, so friends, family and fans are hitting up Riverslide skatepark to celebrate Lewis' life. 

This event is free and open to anyone – all skaters of any age are encouraged to skate and take part. Lewis’ brother Jonas will be painting two murals at Riverslide for the event. And there will be a free BBQ and DJ.

Pros attending include Shane O’Neill, Nick Boserio, Youness Amrani, Dustin Dollin, Josh Pall, Chima Ferguson, Nathan Jackson, Sammy Winter, Harry Clark, Alex Campbell and Alex Lawton.

Riverslide Skatepark, Melbourne.
January 18, 2018.
4pm – 9pm.

Photo by Jon Humphries.