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1pm // 01.02.2018

GLOBE SnakeSession ONEsheet OZ V2 630
This is a skate shop battle at the Globe HQ ramp. Each shop will be allowed a team of up to six skaters. It’s a jam format with six skaters from different shops on the ramp at once. Skaters will work their way through the bracket until a winner is decided. A cash prize will be awarded to the winning skater and his/her shop. 50% to the skater and 50% to the shop. A coveted Snake Session handmade trophy will be awarded to the winner as well. Winner’s name, shop name, and year will be immortalised on the trophy via an affixed engraved trophy plaque. The shop keeps the trophy and bragging rights ’til the following year when they return to defend their title.

DATE: Saturday, February 3, 2018. TIME : 5pm to 10pm VENUE: Globe Ramp, 1 Fennell Street, Port Melbourne VIC PRIZE: Winner takes all, Trophy + $1000 cash