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01pm // 18.02.2018


Last night Jesse “Red" Noonan’s new section for Santa Cruz premiered at Bondi Pavilion around the beer-fuelled Bowl-A-Rama festivities. The part that he’s been working on with Jim Perry culminates with a suited-up Evel Knievel hill-bomb down the death-defying Tabilban Hill on the Gold Coast. What Jesse didn’t know, is that when his clip came to a close, footage of Eric Dresson hit the screen announcing Noonan as a new pro on Santa Cruz while Tom Remillard floats frontside over a hip on Jesse’s premier plank.

The Croc Lobster inspired graphic will be available in Australian skate shops this week. Snap one up online here

Portrait by Dave Read. 

Jesse Noonan kinked feeble grind Kirby
Feeble grind. Photo by Darren Kirby.