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08am // 27.02.2018

steve kevin eric pic950

As 2018 rolls into full swing, skateboarding is apparently more profitable than ever. 

The Berrics—the iconic online skate platform founded by Eric Koston and Steve Berra—has sold a 51 per cent share to a pop-culture website called Hypebeast for a cool $750,000. 
In Berra’s words, “Our main goal has always been to grow skateboarding. Because we lived in a time when you made $500 a month skateboarding, and you were the best person in the world at it, you know what I mean? We’re like, ‘We never want to go back to that time.’”
It’s probably fair to say that we’re not going back to a time where skateboarders of the calibre of Koston are struggling to earn a liveable wage. Realistically, he and Berra have successfully set themselves up for life. 
Hypebeast is neither a skate company, nor are they skater owned, but their stated mission is to try not to change The Berrics too much.
Hypebeast’s founder Kevin Ma, had this to say about the acquisition: “I don’t really know what’s up in the skateboarding world, so we’re not going to go in and try to change things around. We want to keep it as authentic as possible.”
He went on to explain: “For us, we never wanted to come in and change the essence of what the Berrics is about. Again, I’m not a skater. I’m not going to try to be a skater. I will try to learn.
“Skateboarding should be for everybody. Can we expand this sport of skateboarding, build a really strong, tight-knit, but a bigger community around the world?"
Interesting times!