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11am // 23.05.2018

The Totem Skateboarding crew spent 21 days on the road travelling 12,000 kms across the country, and held 36 events to celebrate Youth Week.

Featuring Nigel Cameron, David Cameron, Nixen Osbourne, Riwaz Kazi, Chris Vaughan, Stevie Stipanovic, Cameron Markin, Billy Lukins, Oscar Hickey, Josh Giannone and more.

Filmed by George Kousoulis, Nigel Cameron and David Cameron.

Photos by Cameron Markin.

Building Ramps 630
Showing the kids a bit of DIY.

Groms Getting It
A grom gets some air time. 

Getting ready to rip.

Winner 630
A very stoked winner.

NoahPap NoComply 630
Noah Papadopoulos with great form on a no comply.