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9am // 01.09.2018

Adidas Skateboarding releases the third instalment to the 3ST footwear franchise. The 3ST.003 incorporates insights from the technical powerhouse, Miles Silvas, other adidas pros, and Scott Johnston to pioneer the design and development of the latest addition to the 3ST range.

“The working name for this project was the Future Cup, as the priority for this concept was to create a shoe with the best all-around board feel, while using minimal components,” explains senior footwear designer and ex-Chocolate pro, Scott Johnston. "The second part of this design was to make something bold that stands out, not only in skateboarding but in the sneaker world as well. Vintage indoor soccer shoes have historically made for great skate shoes, so inspiration for the 3ST.003 was pulled from adidas’ rich archive. Heavy textured gum rubber is also something the brand is known for, like on the Montreal, so we utilised that as the focus moment not only for durability and stability but for the iconic detail of the 3ST.003, AKA Future Cup.”

Adidas 3ST003 630

MilesSilvas 3ST003 630
Miles Silvas, switch ollie.

Grab your pair of the 3ST.003 from speciality skate retailers or adidas skateboarding now.