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01pm // 19.10.2018

JimRiley StartLine 950

Come behind the scenes of Precinct Skate Shop's The Wildlife video.

Featuring Riley Pavey, Chase Jaeger, Adam Pirihi, Mitch Morrison, Brandon Keir, Indi Russell, Julian Lee and more. 

Photos by Tamas Keefer. 

Grab The Wildlife package with a deck, zine and DVD in-store or at precinctskateshop.com.

Video filmed and edited by Jim Perry. Online release coming soon.

Riley ollie 950
Riley, quick-footed ollie up to gap over.

JimRileyBrandonTrent 950

Chase transferto50 950
Chase transfers over the barrier to 50-50 down.

ChaseAdamJulian 950

AdamFSBlunt 950
Adam, crisp front blunt.

Brandon 50 50 950
Brandon, 50-50 into bank bomb.

jim Scoping

Indi BSFlip 950
Indi, ollie up to backside flip.

IndiAdam2 950

KaelJim 950

Riley bs smith 950
Riley dips a back Smith through the bend.

Bradon 5 0 950
Brandon, five-o flair.

Brandon BloodHand2 950

Riley boardslide archers 950
Riley, 90-degree corner carve to boardslide.

JulianLee SwFrontsideFlip 950
Julian floats a switch frontside flip across a ditch.

Jim Kael RampSetUp 950

Jim ollie 950
When Jim's not filming he's ripping! Outstanding form on this ollie.

JimIndiMitch 950

Indi BSBigspin 950
Indi, backside bigspin.

Julian Lee Tre 950
Julian, backs up with a tré flip.

TapesCropped 950

JimsVX 2 950