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10am // 22.10.2018

As the boys took a back seat and cheered on skaters that are usually the minority in skate spaces, ‘Get On Board’ proved to be an exciting indicator of where skateboarding is headed.

Words by Kirby Clark. Photos by Andrew Mapstone. Video by Neihana Tonkin.

Photos celebrating non-majority skateboarders and photographers adorned the entrance to the Fitzroy warehouse housing a super fun set-up for all levels of shred. Good vibes were in full swing as local artists Cassie Stevens and Lisa Dino painted one-off Slip-Ons to be auctioned for charity Decks for Change, and catering by the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre provided the yummies while contributing to the empowerment of people seeking asylum.

A screening of Lizzie Armanto and Atita Verghese’s DIY build for Girls Skate India gave us the warm and fuzzies followed by an injection of stoke from the local DNL Crew's 'ABD’ video by Adelaide Norris to perfectly top off a rad night of inclusive skateboarding.

More than just a skate event, Vans ‘Get On Board’ was a celebration of the next generation of skateboarding. The future is bright y’all, the future is bright.

VansGirlsSkatePhotoMapstone1 YoungShredders
Keen youngsters ready to drop in!

VansGirlsSkatePhotoMapstone19 YounginBSOllie
The kids were eager to get the show on the road.

VansGirlsSkatePhotoMapstone5 AmyCrimehouseStella
Ophelia Sylvia, Amy Crimehouse and Estelle Lindy.

VansGirlsSkatePhotoMapstone2 Adelaide
Kirby Clark, Ilka Sievers, Adelaide Norris and Tobi Stanley.

VansGirlsSkatePhotoMapstone8 YoungHenrys
Fitzy locals.

VansGirlsSkatePhotoMapstone16 DuncanEwingtonAsh
Duncan Ewington and Ash.

VansGirlsSkatePhotoMapstone14 PottyAlexa
Alexa and Potty.

VansGirlsSkatePhotoMapstone6 Painter2
Lisa Dino works her magic.

VansGirlsSkatePhotoMapstone12 Painter
Cassie Stevens dives in, too.

VansGirlsSkatePhotoMapstone15 Overview
Ilka pops a kicky.

VansGirlsSkatePhotoMapstone22 Rocktofakie
Estelle with a rock 'n roll body varial.

VansGirlsSk8Night ShanaeCollins Boneless Mapstone
Shanae Collins with a boneless.

VansGirlsSkatePhotoMapstone13 AdelaideTeaching
Showing the ropes.

VansGirlsSkatePhotoMapstone7 AdelaideKicky50
Adelaide, kickflip frontside 50-50.

VansGirlsSkatePhotoMapstone21 Sheezy5 0
Sheezy with a frontside grinder.