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11am // 03.01.2019

We’re used to seeing Rowan Davis kill it in front of the lens, but Twenty Three Hundred proves he’s also genuinely gifted behind it. Buckle up and take in some proper shredding from the Steel City!

Filmed and edited by Rowan Davis.

Featuring Zacc Connell, Dannan Chiu, Brandon Caldwell, Sam Fairweather, Rome Collyer, Matthew Trives, Matthew Young, Noah Papadopoulos, Brendan Frost, Connor Reeve, Rowan Davis, Cameron Markin, Robbie Maynard, Jesse Ambrose, Levi Moore, Jono Power, Zac Lang, Dean Parsons, Simon Lyddiard and Sean Murphy.

SamFairweather.BarleyGrind.Sydney 630wide
Sam Fairweather, Barley grind. Photo by Brendan Frost.