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Overflow - Billy Loveder

2pm // 01.02.2012

Billy Loveder is as gifted on a skateboard as one could be, so naturally he had already done three rad tricks before I'd even set up...

Overflow - Nick Garcia

3pm // 13.01.2012

This is another one of those pics that I really liked, but no one else did...

Overflow - Reece Warren

4pm // 12.12.2011

Flying in from the other side of the park with about 20 swift pushes, seven near-scooter collisions and a hyped crowd...

Overflow - Jimmy Roche

2pm // 15.11.2011

I shot this photo of Jimmy Roche on a trip to Sydney one time...

Australian skateboarding was dealt a heavy blow over the weekend, with the passing of Todd Webster.

Overflow - Alex Campbell

2pm // 27.10.2011

Alex Campbell is an easy-on-the-eye type of skateboarder...

Overflow - Marty Girotto

3pm // 19.10.2011

This awesome back tail performed by Marty Girotto was shot years ago...

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