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French – Brainfade Exhibition

2pm // 06.09.2016

frenchshow 02

Melbourne-based artist and skateboarder Richard ‘French’ Sayer’s latest solo exhibition Brainfade was recently on display at Backwoods Gallery in Collingwood, Melbourne. Brainfade is a bold new series of illustrated fluorescent works and woven wall hangings, exemplifying French’s iconic macabre style.

Influenced in part by the black light metal posters of the ’70s, fused with French’s strong connection skate graphics language, Brainfade creates a new, unexplored world where the medieval meets science fiction. His dark illustration style crossed with an injection of vivid fluorescent colour propels his artworks into a retro-future fantasy.

Check out some photos from the opening night of the exhibition below, as well as some of the epic pieces from the show. Images courtesy of French and Backwoods Gallery.

frenchshow 01

Axe Reaper A4 02
Axe Reaper.

frenchshow 03
Morgan Campbell and Sam Morgan having a peek.

Crossbow A3 02

frenchshow 04

Crystal Ball A4 02
Crystal Ball.

frenchshow 05

dragon 02

frenchshow 06

Goblin Xerox A3 02
Goblin Xerox.

frenchshow 07

knightmare 02

frenchshow 08

Skulls A4 02

frenchshow 09

Vulture Flight A3 02
Vulture Flight.

frenchshow 10Skull Capture A3 02
Skull Capture.

Winged Warrior A3 02
Winged Warrior.

Skull Tower A4 02
Skull Tower.

Snake Skull A3 02
Snake Skull.

Keep up to date with French at funeralfrench.com and on Instagram at @funeralfrench.

Check backwoods.gallery (@backwoods_gallery) for a heads-up on future exhibitions.