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Au Revoir Cliche Skateboards

2pm // 25.11.2016

AndrewBrophy BsSmith Morey
Andrew Brophy, back Smith. Photo: Jason Morey. 

In sad news, one of the world’s leading board brands has folded.

Dwindle Distribution discontinue Cliché:

“This message is to advise that we will no longer be continuing with the Cliché brand. Despite the incredible team involved with this company (riders and creative), due to worsening market conditions, we regrettably have had to make this difficult decision.

“Massive respect to Al Boglio, Jérémie Daclin, Eric Frenay and the whole team for helping to truly put European skateboarding on the map in a way that no other company had done prior, opening the door for many others over the past 20 years. They leave an amazing legacy in skateboarding and we wish them and the team the best on their future journeys and projects.

“Please know that these decisions were not easy or quick to come to. These choices are a part of a longer term view regarding what/where we need to be focused on. Opening up bandwidth within the company to explore new opportunities for Dwindle in the coming months/year(s).”

sammy switch tre markin1
Sammy Winter, switch 360 flip. Photo: Cameron Markin.

Cliché Skateboards was launched in Lyon, France, back in 1997 by Jérémie Daclin. The Euro brand emerged quickly to soon become internationally renowned, and eventually securing a team spanning across the globe. The most recent squad included Lucas Puig, JB Gillet, Flo Mirtain and Max Geronzi from France; Lem Villemin from Germany, Javier Mendizabal from Spain; Joey Brezinski, Daniel Espinoza, Pete Eldridge, Paul Hart from the USA; and of course, Andrew Brophy and Sammy Winter from Australia.

Andrew Brophy Kickflip1 Melbourne Colen
Brophy, kickflip. Photo: Ben Colen.

It’s devastating to see an industry leader bow out, but we would like to thank Al, Jérémie and Eric for the tireless efforts that they poured into skateboarding while heading up the brand.

"My 20-year-old love story with Cliché is over. Thanks to all riders, all distributors, all shops, all photographers, all filmers, all mags, all skateboarders around the world, and everyone who was involved in this great love story." – Jérémie Daclin.

"Thank you skateboarding for making this journey even possible, and to everyone that helped Cliché resonate within 'our' world. Managing Cliché with Jérémie Daclin and Eric Frenay was an honour." – Al Boglio.

SammyWinter SSOllie Valley Acosta
Sammy, switch ollie. Photo: Anthony Acosta.

Time will tell where the team will move on to, but we’re certain Sammy and Brophy will be scooped up soon. Stay tuned.

Al Boglio FS Blunt CHIFLEY 1996 OMEALLY
Al Boglio, front blunt, 1996. Photo: Mike O'Meally.