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Rome's Blog - March 26

4pm // 26.03.2013

At the moment I’m getting a special treatment called Oncathermia, eating healthy as hell and trying to be positive...

Rome's Blog - November 28

11am // 28.11.2012

I haven't been able to update as much as usual. One reason is because I've been doing a bit of studio work...

I done did a new blog. These are all taken from random days in the past few weeks...

Rome's Blog - August 8

2pm // 08.08.2012

Hello friends! So the survey worked out and told me that hardly anyone reads this part...

Rome Torti hits the young New South Wales ripper with a short and sweet interrogation.

Rome's Blog - June 27

2pm // 27.06.2012

Sup dawgs! How are you all? I’ve had a busy few weeks. Doing things, and sometimes not doing things...

Rome's Blog - May 24

11am // 24.05.2012

Sup playas! Here's the latest. There was a bit of rain about, so we sought refuge at the ghetto sheds...

Rome's Blog - April 24

10am // 24.04.2012

New blog time, with ripping from Michael Cross, Corbin Harris and more.

On the anniversary of our hugely missed friend, Shane Cross, we met up at one of his favourite parks for an afternoon beer and shred.

Rome's Blog - March 16

5pm // 16.03.2012

Another blog update, and this one's about three times bigger than usual.

Rome's Blog - March 1

9am // 01.03.2012

I’ve got a new, skateboard-packed blog for you today. How exciting!

Rome's Blog - February 2

5pm // 02.02.2012

Skateboarding has been happening all over Oz at the moment with tours and comps happening left, right, and centre...

Rome's Blog - January 5

12pm // 05.01.2012

Hello friends, and merry Christmas and New Year and all of those things...

Rome's Blog - December 15

2pm // 15.12.2011

New blog time! Make sure you click through every photo, so you don't miss out on any in-depth and often totally made-up captions.

Rome's Blog - November 14

4pm // 14.11.2011

Here's the next instalment of my little photo blog. Same sort of things as usual, skate stuff, some random photos and awesome Dad jokes.

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