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Rome's Blog - June 27

2pm // 27.06.2012

Sup dawgs!
How are you all? How’s the family? Is that puppy of yours still digging up the lawn, the little scamp? I’ve had a busy few weeks. Doing things, and sometimes not doing things. I got to see Ghostface Killah for the second time with my boys Frosty and Bradley in Brissy, which was cool.

Do I really need to write these intros? Does anyone read them? If I just wrote, “poop, boobs, front bum", would anyone even notice?
I want to find out. If you do actually read my intros, post in the comments to this blog. If not, I’ll know that you just want to see the photos and I’ll continue to write mini intros. If you want to see more words, then I’ll ramble on more – it’s all about what you want, reader. So post in the comments so I can get educated!

Anyway, Miami Heat can suck it.
Love and kisses,

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