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Quick Fire With Bibi Bradbury

3pm // 19.07.2012

Bibi Bradbury portrait, by Rome Torti
Interview and photos by Rome Torti.

Bibi Bradbury.

Where do you live?
Brunswick Heads.


Why do you skate?
Because I love it and it makes me moist.

Why don't you scoot?
Parents brought us up with an anti-gay policy.

Favourite skater?
Jake Johnson.

Favourite rock star?
Chuck Norris.

Hottest chick skater?
Elissa Steamer.

Oldest girl you've made out with?
An 18-year-old when I was about 16.

Bibi Bradbury, lipslide, Gold Coast. Photo by Rome Torti

Frontside lipslide, Ashmore.

Socks with pant legs rolled down, or no socks with pant legs rolled up?
Socks with pant legs rolled down.

Snap-back or fitted?
Haven't worn a hat for years, but snap-back for sure.

Scrunch or fold?

Blondes or brunettes?
Brunettes 'cause my girlfriend's one.

Cats or dogs?

Favourite trick?
Tré flips.

Least favourite trick?
Varial kickflips or boardslides on ledges.

What will you do when the world ends?
I'll be dead.

Mini ramp or ledge?
They're both sick, probably ledge though.

Fixy or BMX?
May as well ride Mr Garrison's bike from South Park, they're both gay.

If your home was burning down and you could save one item?
Unscrew my deck bolts and run out with the board 'cause my Theeves would "probably" endure a housefire.

First time you got laid?
9/11 last year.

Ever been in trouble with the police for skating or anything else?
Just kicked out, nothing really serious. But I recently got put in a Paddy Wagon for waterbombing some fat chick in a 4WD.

Boobs or bum?

Trick you can't do?
Switch backside flips.

Dream job?

Dream holiday?
All over Europe.

Dream woman?
Got her.

Youngest man you've made out with?
I have never kissed a man ... boys on the other hand, mmm!

Final dying wish?
Bust my nut.

Bibi Bradbury, 360 flip, New South Wales. Photo by Rome Torti

360 flip, Northern New South Wales.