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Rome's Blog - August 8

2pm // 08.08.2012

Hello friends! So the survey worked out and told me that hardly anyone reads this part, so I’ll probably just start to write about things that have nothing to do with anything, and just use this as a self-venting system. So, where to start?

Where I live, in Miami on the Gold Coast, there's some real "characters" that reside in and around my area. 90% of the people on my block are sweet – it's the other 10% that keep you on your toes.

We have a couple of lovely old dears who don't bother anyone. One is really good at gardening and can’t remember my name, and the other told me once that she's lived on this block when there was no road – just trees and a dirt track. Our next-door neighbours are nice. One house is a holiday house for them to come to on the weekends, so they’re quiet. I'd love for them to agree to go halves in a new fence, as I'm not a massive fan of old cracked Asbestos and the increasing lean on their fence, but they’re cool I guess.

There’s the couple with the Slush Puppy machine, and a man that has a bird on the balcony and two big dogs that visit him daily with his son in the next home. There is a single guy with a dog who continues to bark all day, who needs to pay more attention to the poor thing, but he's quiet besides that. The other house has a new couple that moved in recently. Saul and I checked if there pool was skate-able before they moved in, but it wasn’t. It’s a pretty normal street, except for the two corner houses. One is a home set up for rehabilitated junkies who need to start again. That’s hit and miss, but at the moment the current tenants have been quiet.

Then there’s the other corner, who I've never liked too much as they are a bunch of old bogans who sometimes rev their cars and like to yell profanities at lone pedestrians from their second level. That's annoying, but I learned today that in the warmer months, one of those tenants likes to hang out in his garage, with his door open, and show people his genitals in a swinging motion! Awesome!! If I hear that he shows my son any part of his body, I’ll cut it off and shove it down his throat.

Anyway, that’s life in Miami, bitch! I just thought I’d tell you some random shit that you have no interest in, as you’re not going to read it anyway.
Love and kisses,

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