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Rome's Blog - November 28

11am // 28.11.2012

Hello friends!

So I haven't been able to update as much as usual. One reason is because I've been doing a bit of studio work with Surf Stitch. The other is that my stupid brain tumour has returned.

It's pretty shitty, but between me, my girl, family and all the good wishes from people like you guys I'll drop kick it again! I'm not going to turn the blog into a sad read, so just know it came back, we're going to get better, and I'll still be shooting.

One important thing I do need to let you know about it is that to help pay for the extremely expensive treatment (health care people will never cover me again due to my cancer, and there is a possibility that I'll need to go overseas to get the best treatment), some of our awesome friends, mainly within our skateboard industry, have helped organise a few different fundraisers.

Check the Slam site for details on that very soon and even just the positive thoughts to help us through this time would help so much!

So that's that, let's look at some photos.
Bye-bye now,

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