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Rome's Blog - March 26

4pm // 26.03.2013

Hello friends!
This seems to happen every time I post a blog - I apologise for how long it has taken to update, explain it’s been a busy time, blah blah blah. If you’ve followed this or any other things to do with me over the past few years, you know there’s some shit going on that makes things hard.

So at the moment, I’m getting a special treatment called Oncathermia, eating healthy as hell and trying to be positive. We had to go to Sydney for three weeks for the treatment, which wasn’t too hectic. The only side-effects have been me being a little more tired, which could have a lot to do with my child Ryder still waking up at random times of the night. I got the results from my head scan and there’s been no growth of the tumour, which is good! Now we're waiting to hear from Dr Michael Jackson as to what our next step is.

On the skateboarding side of the world, I have only really been able to go out when I have something needed to shoot, like if the Slam guys need me to shoot something in particular or if one of my mates from out of town are around we go out for the day. I’m doing some shifts shooting footwear and accessories with Surf Stitch, which has been helpful, and pretty much just trying to enjoy time with my lovely wife and Ryder.

One special thing that is coming up is a couple of awesome fundraiser events that have been organised for us. I don’t know if I’m even allowed to tell you yet, but it’s going to be great and help us with all these crazy bills that cancer builds up. Stay tuned for details. You’d think that with all the pain and heartache that the different types of cancer causes there would be special prices for the people that have to go through it? No way! There’s too much money in that shit! Oh, of course you could just continue to go through the public system and let chemotherapy poison you until you die - that’s your other choice.

Anyway, there’s my little bitch. Hope you enjoy the blog.
Rome xxx

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