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Hello friends! I got married! So guys, tell your Mum sorry, but I'm taken.

As I'm typing this, I have just over a week before I'm a married man. Crazy, hey!

It's been a while as usual, sorry about that. There's been lots happening, so here's the first of four blogs I'll spill out over the next month or two.

Hello friends! I've put together a new blog update, better late then never I reckon.

Hello friends! Things have busy lately. The new job is going well, and as usual I've been helping Rach look after Ryder, who gets cooler and cooler every week.

Sup playas! I'm going through my iPod deleting shit right now and there's a lot of hip-hop, hence the urban slang intro. Anyway, how are you going?

Sup playas and playettes! I got some great news a couple of days ago telling me my tumour is still nowhere to be seen and all the doctors can see still is some scaring and residual and no cancer for now, so I'm happy as Pat in a cheap beer factory.

Blog time. So I haven't been doing a whole lot of skateboarding or shooting skateboarding photos in the last month. I'll do a bunch more of that real soon, but my main focus is still my girl Rach and my little one Ryder.

Greetings my friends. I am very excited to write this short blog as it's the first one I've done as a father!

New blog time! This last week and a bit has been full of skating, mainly to finish off Reece Warren's Slam interview which is planned for an upcoming issue.

Blog time! The last week has been pretty mellow, I've been doing shit around my house all morning and then trying to shoot some stuff locally in the arvo.

Yeah yeah, I'm blogging. Last week I went to Brissy a couple of times, tried to go South but got rained out and painted my house. I can fit quite alot into one week if needed.

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