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Video Reel

Sam Johnson part - HDVX. Video by Lachlan McLean.

Introducing the Kudos skate team.


1pm // 30.03.2016

Quick park clip featuring Blake Harris, Scott Standley, Marcus Curran, Tony Chavez and more.

Lurking at Bowlzilla

11am // 23.03.2016

Video by Brett Lorenzo.

Change The Channel

2pm // 22.03.2016

Video by Justin Jeffery.

Half Time Banana Tricks

1pm // 18.03.2016

Featuring Lakyn Heperi, Sam Atkins, Sakazi Omar and Mitch Robertom.

The South East Skateboarding Program was established in late 2015 by Heath Clark, and has continued to have a great response moving into 2016.