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Video Reel

Go Your Own Way

12am // 06.01.2015

An independent skateboarding movie filmed predominantly throughout South East Melbourne. Featuring Allan Bogut, Eejay Cameron, Ricky Davidson, Euan Wilson and many more friends.

THR 2015

1am // 04.01.2015

For the homies by the homies!

Filmed/Edited: Francisco Melim. Music Produced; Noyze.


12am // 02.01.2015

Filmed in Melbourne, 2014.

Skaters: Jay Bryant, Louis Tierney, Reid Reynolds, Saxon Rivero, Max Sadowski and many more.

A Weathered Ghetto

7pm // 30.12.2014

It's a wet friday afternoon and beer O'clock is almost in reach, Matt Ferg & Brock Saddler make the call for a quick roll at the Ghetto Spot.

Steady shreddin Newport Skatepark. Featuring Tom Mac, Owen Morton, J Wild, Coleman, Davos, D Wild and Jase Galea.

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