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Video Reel

La Perouse VX1000 Clip

11am // 03.11.2016

A few of the Slapweh boys chilling in the park on a Sunday arvo.

dashcam footage v.3

1pm // 24.10.2016

Hi8. Video by Lachlan Mclean.


10am // 19.10.2016

A B&W Brisbane montage.

VX1000 Raw Park Clips

1pm // 13.10.2016

Few clips of some of the Daleboys.

The Eyes

12pm // 12.10.2016

Sean McCallum's film, which explores how skating as a medium shapes multiple perspectives.

Dani throwing down a few inside the Gongcrete jungle.


11am // 10.10.2016

Just the crew doing our thing on the Sunshine Coast.