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15pm // 13.04.2017

Enjoy a 25 minute hit from the Gong.

Here’s a clip that's a little left field – a new instalment from Sydney skateboarder and artist Brett Chan. With guest tricks from Sammy Winter and Jarrad Carlin.

If you slept through the live stream of the Vans Park Series in Brazil over the weekend, you can catch the highlights condensed in to a 3.30 minute metal mania clip.

Check out the entire ’Dog Dang Two’ video – showcasing some solid shredding, tech ledge lines and sneaky hijinks.

Watch Sam hit some rad spots and get gnarly in this new part.

Jack Fardell has been welcomed to SOVRN Skateboards with an impressive full part as the new professional on the Los Angeles based board company. Congrats Jack!

The Theories crew hit the crusty east coast streets of NYC in this rad edit by Josh Stewart.