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Full Part

Congratulations to Jake Hayes – the new Slam Skater of the Year! Enjoy Jake's epic SOTY video part.

Following the passing of David Bowie, 'French' Fred Mortagne has uploaded Arto's section from Flip's 2002 debut video. Soak in Arto's incredible part, perfectly paired with two brilliant Bowie tracks.

Aaron Herrington and Tom Remillard combine to produce a sick all-terrain shared part for the first 'Movements' edit from Converse Cons.

Sydney's Ben James has a savage approach to skateboarding that you've just got to respect. Enjoy Benny's hectic section from the PD Distribution video right here.

A young man with a big bag of tricks, Levi Moore gets busy in this solid clip for Destructo Trucks Australia.

Ishod Wair - SABOTAGE4

10am // 21.12.2015

Check out Ishod's dope part from the "SABOTAGE4" video out now.

Introducing Ethan Copeland

14pm // 18.12.2015

Introducing 10-year-old Ethan Copeland. Little homie shreds some street spots in Canberra.