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Full Part

Element Australia welcomes Beacho and Trent to the family with a sick shared video part, featuring the footage of Beacho's cover shot from our Summer Edition.

Premium have turned Blake pro. Watch his new part right here.

'Thanks Jake' | Video

1pm // 29.11.2016

Nine minutes of Jake Johnson's finest GX1000 footage, courtesy of Converse.

Oddball Chris Milic delivers another weird and wonderful full part.

We stumbled across an exclusive edit from back in 2010 that's too good not to share; a quick one from Adelaide enigma George Newsholme.

Momentum Skate Shop have done some digging and surfaced with this gem from the early 2000's – Ben's 'Upstarts' section from Liquid Pixel 2. Ben was clearly ahead of his time.

Vibe Wheels welcome Sam Fairweather and Jono Power to the team with a shared video part.