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Full Part

Check out Adelaide shredder Tom Lupton's solid section from local video Dial Up.

Crooksy flips his board with stylish authority and breezes through tough lines in his sick part from the PD video. Edited by Dustin Dollin.

Carlos brings the heat in his hectic full part from the new DC Shoes Latin America video, De La Calle/Da Rua.

Shredding to Elvis, Louis breaks hearts with speed and style in his rad part from Brisbane flick The Hype Squad Video, thanks to Holiday Skateboards.

Zacc checks in with a nice street edit from Scram Skateboards. Dude's got pop.

NJ throws his lanky frame down and over all sorts of big shit in his ripping full section from the PD Distribution video.

Spurred on by the homies, Trent steps up and throws down for his heavy last part in Brisbane flick The Hype Squad Video.