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Full Part

Congratulations to the 2014 Slam Skater of the Year, Jack Fardell, as voted by you, the Slam readers.

Jono Power 2014 Part

23pm // 21.03.2014

Enjoy a new street part from Newcastle ripper Jono Power.

Check out Pat's gnarly video part for Hoon Skateboards. Strewth...

Jack Fardell Video Part

19pm // 04.11.2013

Jack Fardell attacks everything in his path in this gnarly video part from Hurley and Skateboarding Australia. Damn!

Made In Emerica: Mark Rowe

01am // 14.03.2013

Mark shreds the Sydney streets with pace in this video part for Emerica Australia.

Karl Truell Part

20pm // 22.01.2013

Sydney's Karl Truell gets gnarly in the streets for this full section, filmed and edited by Shaun Graham.

Habitat Skateboards proudly welcomes long-time Melbourne ripper Bryce to the professional ranks in Australia with a pro model and this gnarly video to celebrate. Fuck yeah, Bryce!