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Boans Warehouse Demo - Perth 1996

3am // 08.11.2014

Take a trip back to '96 for this rad demo held in Perth's Boans Warehouse, featuring Josh Kalis, Matt Mumford, Morgan Campbell, Fred Gall, Laban Pheidias, John Reeves and AJ Mueller. Filmed by Simon Woodacre. Edit by Morgan Campbell.

"In 1996 the SKAWA (Skateboard Association of WA) collective put on a demo in an abandoned warehouse to not only raise money towards a new facility but to raise awareness to a need for such a facility. this was during an era where there were no skateparks anywhere near the city. Times have changed, but you can safely say the Perth has never seen a demo the likes of this again. 1,000 people attended and $10,000 was raised towards a facility. Thanks to SKAWA, Liz Pattison, Jamie Bartie and everyone who helped build and rip."