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Some Lush dudes got to hit up the epic new Noble skatepark in Victoria. Here's Nathan Jackson, Aarron Winter, Ben Currie, Mitch Robertom, Paul Battlay, Brett Royden and more testing her out.

As part of DC's Global Skate Jam on every continent for Go Skateboarding Day, DC riders Jake Hayes, Bugs Fardell, Yuta Tanaka and Ale Morandi hit up the park at Berwick with Fast Times Skateboarding.

Jackson Pilz, Mitch Robertom, Ben Currie, Ricky Davidson, Scott Standley, Leandre Sanders and more get busy at the Vans Australia DIY Go Skateboarding Day event at Melbourne's Riverslide skatepark.

Central Coast ripper Nathen Zahra shows his impressive board control in this skatepark clip from Boardworld.

Watch Australian Z-Flex riders and friends shred the tight tranny of the Beach Burrito Bowl in Melbourne.

Watch Erik shred an epic kiwifruit bowl in this quick clip from Witchcraft Hardware.

Mudgeerabarby 2015

7pm // 27.05.2015

See all the shredding from Mudgeerabarby, a Stoke Skateboarding event held at the Gold Coast's Mudgeeraba skatepark.