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Tour Videos

As featured in the current issue, watch Sam Fullwood, Boyd Young, Zac Davis, Trent Riley, Blake Melbourne and friends Mitchell "Mashy" Howse, Louis Riley, Brodie Sellars and more skate Canberra, Nimbin and Lismore in the third and final part of Herstwood's Gone Bananas tour video.

Escape From Fiend Island

6pm // 05.03.2014

Aussie Creature riders RJ Barbaro and Laif Johannesen spend three days skating Tasmania's new and old concrete skateparks in this edit from Lush Productions.

Trent Riley, Boyd Young, Sam Fullwood, Zac Davis and Blake Melbourne rip Tasmania and Melbourne in part two of their Gone Bananas tour video. Filmed and edited by John Green.

Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Dustin Dollin, The Nuge, Cyril Jackson, Dee Ostrander and more shred Europe in part one of three of Baker's Euro Tour videos.

Watch the Herstwood team - Sam Fullwood, Boyd Young, Zac Davis, Trent Riley and Blake Melbourne - hit the road from Brisbane to Sydney in part one of their Gone Bananas tour video.

Soggy Savoy Tour

6pm // 04.02.2014

Watch the clip from a two week Melbourne to Port Macquarie road trip with the UNO Skateboarding dudes. Featuring Tommy Breaks, Ben Hermans, Joel Crowe, Matt Dwyer and more.

Chris Nieratko dad-cams the Vans team on their September Europe tour, with Dustin Dollin, Chima Ferguson, Tony Trujillo, Gilbert Crockett, Chris Pfanner, Daniel Lutheran, Kris Vile, Rowan Zorilla, Nassim Guammaz and more.

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