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Tour Videos

Watch Gabriel Summers, Nestor Judkins, Rob Wootton and Vladik Scholz explore Kazakhstan in this epic video by Patrik Wallner.

Zoo York x Tasmania Video

3pm // 20.05.2016

Watch the Zoo York Australia team enjoying the fruits of the Apple Isle.

The Vans Australia team enjoy a long weekend in Canberra, with Callum Paul, Jack Kirk, Ben Currie, Floyd Scott, Nik Stipanovic and Ethan Copeland.

The DC dudes get it done in Japan on tour for Evan Smith's new shoe.

Pass~Port in Tokyo Video

12pm // 15.04.2016

Enjoy the epic 11-minute edit from Pass~Port's two-week trip to Tokyo, Japan. The boys got busy.

Tokyo Shock Tour Video

2pm // 07.04.2016

One from the archives; watch Kieran Reilly, Bjorn Johnston, Sam Giles and Corbin Harris hitting the streets of Japan in this clip from 2010.

Enjoy a nice slice of extra footage from the Vans Propeller South America tour, with ripping from Rowan Zorilla, Kyle Walker, Elijah Berle, Chima Ferguson, Curren Caples and Chris Russell.