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Tour Videos

Watch Louie Barletta and Jack Fardell go to town on the Coorparoo mini ramp at the Brisbane demo on enjoi's Aussie tour.

Perth Control

22pm // 07.04.2015

Watch Matty Dillon, Dean Parsons, Chris Smyth, Will Hine, Aarron Winter, Ben De Rome, Dylan Tomlinson, Jono Power, Josh Jones, Cameron Markin, Karl Dorman and Vaughan Marks ripping around Perth.

Herstwood Hit Japan

20pm // 30.03.2015

Boyd Young, Michael Lawry, Jack Anderson, Shai Balmer, Marcus Warren, Takashi Maekawa, guest Casey Ainsworth and more Herstwood homies shredding the streets of Japan in this clip by Curtis Hay.

Sunday Hardware and Fuknoath present 5 Men No Yen - a sick China trip video featuring Nik Stipanovic, Cody Riley, Billy Lukins, George Kousoulis and Jake Demos.

The Bay to Canberra: Ep. 3

19pm // 16.01.2015

In the third and final episode, Tommy Fynn, Joel Mcilroy, Dennis Durrant and Alex Lawton make it to the nation's capital and waste no time ripping a heap of street spots and Woden skatepark. 

Watch Tommy Fynn, Dennis Durrant, Alex Lawton and Joel Mcilroy shred around Sydney on their road trip from The Bay to Canberra. 


The Dizzy Brizzy Tour

22pm // 15.12.2014

Check out the video from Japanese shop The Mint Skateboarding's week in Brisbane.