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Bugs rips St Kilda skatepark in his introduction clip for The Cream.

See the footage Jake clocked up from just five days in Arizona back in 2008, while filming for his Globe United by Fate part.

Made In Emerica: Mark Rowe

01am // 14.03.2013

Mark shreds the Sydney streets with pace in this video part for Emerica Australia.

Skatebiz Welcomes Mashy

20pm // 12.03.2013

Skatebiz welcome Sunshine Coast shredder Mitchell "Mashy" Howse to the team in this edit filmed in one day on home turf. Mashy rips!

Three Spots: Tommy Fynn

02am // 09.03.2013

Super-consistent Tommy Fynn breezes his way through Clifton Hill, the Don rail and the Moorabbin benches in this Three Spots video.

Jason Hernandez has put together this touching tribute for his friend, Lewis Marnell.

Barry flows around the fun looking Mandurah skatepark, near Perth, in this edit by Alex Yates.