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Rosemary Bush

00am // 11.07.2014

Enjoy a new quick clip from Melbourne's Guy Stokes Channel, featuring Jack Kirk, Geoff Campbell and Alex Harvey.

Shai fluidly sessions a couple of tough-to-skate spots in his welcome clip for Herstwood, filmed by Wade Mclaughlin and Curtis Hay.

Watch the video from the last competition held at Adelaide's City skatepark.

Flatbardog - Fried

20pm // 07.07.2014

Enjoy four clips merged into one from Sydney filmer Karl Dorman.

Cliche's new "Where Is?" series is out now.

Hoon heads Pat Dandy, Andrew Currie, Dorfus, Mitchell "Mashy" Howse and Phil Billingsby shred a bunch of shit on the way to Dubbo and back. Fukn ripping.

Check out the action from Volcom's Wild in the Parks competition at Sydney's Monster skatepark.