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Full house

The Decks for Change forth annual skate art exhibition event raised $7,640 to build Dili Skatepark in Timor-Leste and continue to support skateboarding programs in Iraq.

Words by Kirby Clark. Photos by Curtis Hay.

Artists across the globe exhibited artwork for the cause such as Pontus Alv and Sebo Walker, alongside local art heroes Andy Murphy, Claudia Garde and many more.

A VR experience of the last Decks for Change supported skatepark in Iraq provided some hi-tech vibes while a classic lounge room set up with a PS1 and THPS2 took us back to the early 2000s.

It’s not too late to show your support! donations and welcome here.

Big ups to all that attended to support skateboarding.

Giant communal mural was fun
Working on the giant communal mural.

Artists Jordan Lisa Michael and Carla with their artwork
Contributing artists Jordan, Lisa, Michael and Carla with their pieces.

VR Experience by Mirsha Media
Virtual experience of Suli skatepark created by Mirsha Media.

Dili skatepark designer Wade and Emma
Dili skatepark designer Wade with Emma.

Duncan havin a cheeky bid
Duncan Ewington having a cheeky bid.

Shanae sussing Curtiss mastermind shoe sculpture
Shanae Collins impressed with Curtis Hay's mastermind shoe sculpture.

Fat Dog roolz
FATDOG's design.