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CallumPaulFsWallride Mapstone LoRes

Pics covering the Pass~Port x Vans session to celebrate their new collection.

Photos by Andrew Mapstone.

CallumConna Mapstone LoRes
Callum Paul strikes a pose and Conna Mallett slips his feet into the Sid shoe.

CallumPaulWallieFiveOGrind Mapstone LoRes
Callum PVC pole jam to five–o.

TrentEvansWallie Mapstone LoRes
The boss mang, Trent Evans with a pole jam over the fun box!

DeanJonhstonPoleJam Mapstone LoRes
Dean Johnston yanks off a pipe.

DigbyLuxtonTreFlip Mapstone
Digby Luxton, mid 360 flip to fakie.

JackOGradyFsGrind Mapstone LoRes
Jack O'Grady slashes the sill.

JayRuncimanBsBoneless Mapstone LoRes
Jay Runciman bounces a backside boneless off the wall.

BryceGolderNosePick Mapstone LoRes
Bryce Golder nose picker.

JackOGrady BsNoseBluntPullIn Mapstone LoRes
Jack shuts the session down with a back noseblunt pull in.