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Gabriel Rodriguez has passed away at age 46. The former Chocolate pro has been reported to have died of cancer.

Gabriel is well known as a pioneer of street skating in Los Angeles and for crushing the picnic tables of Lockwood Elementary School. He was hooked up by Powell Peralta in the late '80s and appeared in the L.A. Boys section of Ban This with Paulo Diaz, Rudy Johnson and a mini Guy Mariano. Gabriel moved on from Powell to skate for 101, and then he joined the Chocolate family where he retired from professional skateboarding in the early 2000s.

Our thoughts are with his many friends and family.

gabriel rodriguez 630

“On 8-9-2019 we lost a true legend. Gabriel Rodriguez was a unique beautiful human. He not only inspired me when first meeting him, he inspired the world as well with his amazing talent. Words can’t describe the loss, he was a true brother. The fact that we came from the same neighbourhood, living only blocks away as kids and getting to experience the skate life we lived and experienced, was always a great conversation between us, a true miracle. In his last days, we assured him on how he impacted the Globe inspired People. In the end, he was at peace with that, and the fact of his soon to be reality. He now rests in peace. See you on the other side, my man. I love you, Gabe. I will miss you dearly and never forget you, brother.” – Rudy Johnson via Instagram.