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Adidas GonzAloha OffBody Pair06630

Commemorating Mark Gonzales' iconic leap down Wallenberg with the new Aloha Super silhouette.

Adidas Skateboarding reboots the Aloha Super silhouette with a new colourway that pulls inspiration from Mark 'Gonz' Gonzales’ groundbreaking grab down the now-famous four-block at San Francisco’s Raoul Wallenberg High School in the 1991 classic, Video Days by Blind Skateboards.

Adidas GonzAloha OnBody 03630

First released in the Fall of 2018, the now coveted Aloha Super model was created to honour the legendary skater and the pivotal moments he’s contributed to both Adidas, and skateboard history.

At its core, the Aloha Super silhouette was inspired by the AdiStar fencing shoe worn by Gonz during his famed 1998 performance piece at the Staedtisches Museum in Germany.

Adidas GonzAloha OnBody 05630

The newest iteration of the Aloha Super combines a blend of creamy suede, leather, and salmon Schmoofoil logo embroidery that plays off the sunset tones reflected in the historic Wallenberg backdrop. Wallenberg’s contrasting black asphalt is represented through the footwear’s distinct, colour-blocked three stripes.

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The Aloha Super Wallenberg will be available from November 2 on the Adidas Skateboarding website, and select retailers worldwide.

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