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Squish’s part in Kitsch is getting some well-deserved international props and we cop some flack…

In case you missed it [cue to 2.14 mins], Jack O’Grady got a shoutout from Thrasher’s funny guy and straight-shooting shit giver, Gary Rogers, on Skateline for Jack’s incredible part in Pass~Port’s Kitsch. Gary yells in his typical 100mph delivery:

“You don’t know Jack, and neither did I. Until he ran into my life like he hit that quarter. This [n-word] run like Flo-Jo: fast as hell with his head down, every clip. If you had to put him in a box, the box says, ‘Probably shouldn’t do this, but I’m going to.’ And if you go fast enough it works. The OGs, when they said, ‘Just go faster,’ Jack was listening.”

Of course, here in Australia/outside of America’s bubble, we’re very well aware of Jack’s trail of fast-paced destruction over the past two years or so. But it’s rad to see Squish’s latest part in Pass~Port’s first full-length video getting some international recognition. Gaz continues:

“And how am I just finding out about you? You won Slam SOTY… in February! Twelve months is everywhere. I don’t care if you’re The Land Down Under, your toilet water going backwards, it’s still months. Let the year go by. That’s Valentine’s Day. Get some pussy, don’t be handing out SOTY trophies. But then again, if y’all saw this part in February, I get that. Because ain’t nobody skating like that in Australia.”

To set the record straight, the Slam Skater of the Year award has always been handed our early in the year, much like the Australian of the Year award. The voting for Slam SOTY begins at the start of January when the year has ended. This is simply so that all of the year’s footage can come out before voting begins. Back when Cale Nuske won the first Slam SOTY award in 2004, the announcement coincided with the Globe World Cup in February, which was the biggest street skating comp Australia has ever seen. It made sense to throw a SOTY party with thousands of travelling skaters and the world's leading pros all in Melbourne. Shane Cross won the following February, then Jake Duncombe, and so on. These days, the announcement tends to happen in late January or early Feb, depending on how we can orchestrate the SOTY surprise.

Anyway, cheers for the mention Gazza. Now it’s about time to start thinking about who will be our 2020 SOTY. As usual, the voting will begin in January, once all of the year’s footage has come out.

Jack OGrady SmithGrind630
Squish sends a Smith around the bend for his Slam SOTY 2019 interview. Photo by Bryce Golder.