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01SP20 Skate RowanPro SCAN HORZ CC630

Seamlessly blending his nostalgic, ’90s aesthetic with superior performance-driven tech, Rowan Zorilla’s first Vans signature shoe and apparel collection are well-balanced between style and function.

A young skateboarding talent has risen from the ranks. Rhythmic in style and unorthodox in approach, pro skater Rowan Zorilla sets the stage for awe. Watching Rowan skate is like witnessing a live jazz set – unbridled by convention, yet flawless in form. This February, Vans celebrates Rowan’s creativity accordingly, honouring him with his first-ever signature pro model from Vans.

02SP20 Skate RowanPro SCAN 002.630
Introducing the Rowan Pro, the latest Vans signature skate shoe from global team rider Rowan Zorillla, supported by his accompanying apparel collection. Hailing Rowan’s wildly advanced bag of tricks and legendary personal style – both contemporary and reminiscent of decades old – Vans has created a collection that reflects Rowan’s influential aesthetic and uncanny ability to skate everything.

03SP20 Skate RowanPro VN0A4TZCW5J MirBlWht ElvMacro 630
The Rowan Pro features two new innovations specific to the Vans Pro Skate line. SickStick, a proprietary gum rubber compound that’s uniquely calibrated in the sole and foxing, delivers enhanced grip and maximum durability, making it the stickiest, grippiest gum sole in the brand’s history. In addition, PopCush – a brand-new foam recipe that’s meticulously tuned for impact protection – provides superior cushioning and increased energy return for less fatigue over the course of the day.
Duracap technology reinforces underlays in high-wear areas, adding unrivalled durability to prolong the life of the shoe.
His apparel collection includes distinctive T-shirt graphics and a label pack designed in conjunction with talented artist Mike Lottie.

04SP20 Skate RowanPro630
Some skaters seem ahead of their time. Others, of an era long gone. Rowan Zorilla lands firmly in between, with a legendary loosey-goosey style and advanced trick selection that can only be identified as completely his own. His ability to skate any spot has earned him broad acclaim; in 2015, his standout part in Vans’ first full-length video, Propeller, solidified his industry influence, and the following year, a nod from Baker owner and legendary skater Andrew Reynolds inducted him into the pro ranks.
With a feature in Bill Strobeck’s 2018 release, Blessed, and his latest part in Baker 4, he shows no sign of slowing down. And much like Rowan himself, his namesake shoe and apparel line are a throwback to the future of Vans.

05SP20 Skate RowanPro SCAN 2CC630

The Rowan Pro is available in leading skate shops today and online HERE.