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Vans welcome skateboarding legend and global youth icon, Tony Hawk, to the Vans Family as an official global Vans brand ambassador.

“It took over 30 years but I found my way back to @vans, the original skate shoe,” Hawk posted on Instagram today. “My sincerest thanks to Lakai for all of the unforgettable revs over the last few years.

“I remember my first pair of Vans that I incessantly bugged my dad for at age 11, and then eventually convinced him to buy the “ankle guard” accessory (before high tops existed). I wore them until I literally burned through to my toenails doing kneeslides ... and then applied duct tape just to wear them some more.

“I continued to wear the brand in my formative years (which are well documented), including being the odd-man-out in Search For Chin as everyone else wore Jordans.

“Thanks to Vans for keeping the core of skating alive through the decades by way of team projects, Grosso’s Love Letters, groundbreaking videos, stellar events, legacy skateparks and [most recently] “Foot The Bill” program benefiting struggling skate shops.

“Here’s to combining our resources and helping to grow skateboarding most authentically for future generations to enjoy.”