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Backside five-o. Photo by David Mock.

One of Australia’s pioneer pro skateboarders has passed away after a heart attack. Our thoughts are with his family and friends during this tough time.

“It is with great sadness that I write this post,” Ti Coleing shared on the Bondi Skateriders Club Facebook page. “This past week the Australian skate world has lost another legend, Grant “Biff” Murdoch. Biff was one of the first few in Australia to have his name printed on a skateboard deck, alongside Adrian Jones in the early/mid-’80s.

Backside air in the early ’80s. Photo by Campbell Drummond.

“As a grom, I always wanted one of his decks with the striking skull and crossbones graphic – and the interesting cutouts. Although, funnily enough, it was several years before I ever saw him skate, which was perhaps first at Mona Vale vert ramp. Soon after that, he was a Bondi local for a period, ripping the old vert ramp in its glory years. Then went on to leave his mark on the [Bondi] bowl in the early days, before a solid slam into the waterfall smashed him with a heavy hip injury, which in turn, saw his last skate in there.

Backside disaster the pre-painted Bondi bowl. Photo by Alex Donnini.

“I hadn’t seen him much at all since that unfortunate accident, but I have regularly thought of him since, wondering what he was up to, and [thought about] the imprint that he left on multiple generations of Australian skaters. Not to mention his early adopting of yoga and espousing its virtues, particularly pertaining to its benefits for skating longevity, injury prevention and healing potential.

Classic invert. Photo Alex Donnini.

“A true legend of his time and beyond. Fly high wherever your soul may grace. Vale, Biff.”