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DigbyLuxtonTreFlip Mapstone630

Last night, during another dull evening on stage four lockdown in Melbourne, a group Zoom was set up with Digby Luxton to discuss his upcoming video part. Vans Australia TM, George Kousoulis, arranged Digby’s nearest and dearest mates for a cloud-based surprise.

We checked in with XEN’s co-founder, Anthony Mapstone, for the scoop behind the bombshell. “I had given a set of the decks to Jon Fitzgerald and Molly [Digby’s partner] to hide and have ready for the big moment,” says Mappy. “So we planned to all jump on the chat at 9.30pm last night, and Zoolz [George Kousoulis] would text Digby around 9.40pm to jump in. Coincidentally Digby asked me for a new board yesterday morning.

IMG 8709.jpg

“Within moments of jumping in, I said to Digby, ‘Hey, you asked for a new deck this morning, huh? Will this one work for you?’ I held up the Spilt Milk one and he said … ‘what?’ Jon held up the Trans-Tasman board and said ‘We also have this one.’

“Right that moment his partner, Molly, handed him both decks and then it hit him.”

IMG 8699.jpg

IMG 8701.jpg

Digby was stunned and befittingly in total shock for the remainder of the Zoom. A half-an-hour later he fired over some texts to Mappy after the good news had really kicked in. He’s wrapped!

A fun fact about his Trans-Tasman graphic is that Digby was indeed born on a flight across the Tasman Sea. It was more than likely not so fun for his mum. The Spilt Milk graphic acknowledges his love for cats and his disgust for milk.

IMG 8710.jpg

The boards are available now for a mere $99.95 in leading skate shops, so hassle your local if you wanna get your hands on one of Digby’s new whips. And Melburnians should stay tuned for the details of Digby’s pro party once they’re out of lockdown. The rest of us will sit tight for his pro part. 

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