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On top of ‘loud’, ‘sexy’ and ‘workhorse’, Andrew Beauchamp can now add the word ‘dad’ to his bio.

Sam is what is technically known as a damn good kid. There’s no arrogance. He can hold his own in a conversation. There’s a wisdom that belies his 19 years and he seems to be moving through life with a natural self-assuredness and an ability to adapt to whatever comes his way.

“All I know is that he’s gnarly. Grinds some hectic rails.” That’s all I’ve been told about Rob Pace. Just 11 words. I’ve never actually met him and this interview is to be our first encounter.

10 things Riely Walker learned at the world’s wildest skateboarding event.

Are you absolutely sure you’d be dead if it wasn’t for skateboarding? Positive?

The kid from Coolangatta opens up about his battle with leukaemia, hectic heart palpitations and surviving without skateboarding.

Seven things we learned about one of the world’s most respected skateboarders.

Celebrating GSD, adidas Skateboarding filled Bradfield Plaza with obstacles over the weekend for the Sydney Skate Copa. A solid sesh went down for cash for tricks.

The heroic man who died fighting terrorists with his skateboard.

Skateboarding in the city of Sydney.

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