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Rome's Blog - September 11


Hello friends!

I done did a new blog. These are all taken from random days in the past few weeks. Jake Duncombe graced us with his presence, Pat rolled his ankle (it's better now) and other people did other things. Besides that, I've been doing grown up things like looking after my child Ryder, kickin' it with my bitch (that's urban slang for wife) and shooting a bunch of girly product photos. Oh yeah, I got a haircut! First one since my hair fell out! I was going to hold on to it forever but it just started pissing me off. That's about all. Those goddamn scooters are still around ... when is that shit gonna fade out? It feels like the youth has degraded back to the kicking a stick around days. It's made footy dudes look cooler (I say cooler, not cool). Anyway, Slam's Photo Edition will be out soon so you should buy that.

That is all for now.

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