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Overflow Gallery - Cameron Markin


Photos and captions by Cameron Markin.

01 jono power nollieflip markin

Jono Power, nollie flip, Newcastle.
You probably know that Jono is good off the nose of his board, but did you know he’s even better after a night off his face? A somewhat scattered fourth shot nollie flip.

02 ben james frontshove markin

Ben James, front shove, Sydney.
I remember everything about this night. It was my first time properly meeting Benny, and his second or third time street skating after his head injury. I wasn’t sure what to expect from someone who had been told that he'd never skate again nine months before. He came through with the goods, and shortly after my daily calls from Benny began. The rest is history.

03 simon liddiard boardslide markin

Simon Lyddiard, gap to boardslide, Newcastle.
Simon is a handsome man, he drives a self-restored vintage car, rocks a slick doo and listens to some pretty morbid music. Last I heard he was single, ladies!

04 beau reid ollie markin

Beau Reid, one-push ollie, Sydney.
How’s that last frame of Beau staring into your soul? He knows. He knows what you did...

05 cody worrall crail markin

Cody Worrall, crailtap, Barcelona.
Is this photo out of focus, or is the focus simply on the vortex? We trippy mayne.

06 mikey mendoza varialheel markin

Mikey Mendoza, varial heelflip, Sydney.
Whether you like it or not, Mikey is always psyched. He can walk away from a three-hour battle, with or without a land and still be psyched. On this day he handled business without any issues, so naturally, he was psyched.

07 alon sattinger kickflip5050 markin

Alon Sattinger, kickflip frontside 50-50, Sydney.
While I was lying in the gutter shooting this photo, a girl walked past. She looked interesting so I snapped a shot of her, and without thinking anything of it, I put it on the internets later that evening. Three weeks later and I ended up shooting her in a more appropriate studio setting after she stumbled across the photo and contacted me. Here’s a taste.

08 dean parsons switchfsheel markin

Dean Parsons, switch frontside heelflip, Sydney.
Dean can do all of the flip tricks. All of ’em, every one. That, coupled with the fact that he’ll have a crack at just about any spot makes for some solid spectating, and some nek-level skateboarding.

09 cody passfield backside180 markin

Cody Passfield, backside 180, Sydney.
Matty Dillon told Cody to ollie it, and Cody did. Matty told him to frontside and backside 180 it, and he did. Rinse and repeat.

10 nathen zahra backlip markin

Nathen Zahra, backside lipslide, Sydney.
Loves Torey Pudwill.
Skates the most torn/gooed/taped shoes ever.
Is awful at Snapchat.
Looks way too much like Ronald McDonald here.
Did one of the ledge tricks that Guy Mariano did in Fully Flared.

11 pat dandy grindgrab markin

Pat Dandy, frontside grind grab in, Barcelona.
Have you ever noticed how Pat’s shadow almost always looks somewhat Neanderthalic? Just sayin’.

12 martin barley 5050 markin

Martin Barley, 50-50, Sydney.
I can’t remember much about this, but it’s pretty rad that his wheels are on the wall. Jolly good, Martin.

13 charles fester ollie markin

Charlie Fester, ollie, Sydney.
Count the bricks and comment the number below, first one with the correct answer gets a high-five and some internet props.

14 jordan warne feeble markin

Jordan Warne, feeble grind, Yellow Brick Road.
There’s a song called Yellow Brick Road by those acoustic siblings Angus and Julia stone. It’s written about a little pathway that runs right by this spot in the suburb they’re from.

15 liam carle switchvarialheel markin

Liam Carle, switch varial heelflip, Barcelona.
This is gnarly. I dare you to disagree. I dare you to hurl yourself over a street gap with some switch flippin’ footwork while having water hurled at you from three stories up. Liam, this was gnarly.

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