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“Soon all your friends will wear them.” – Alv.

With the right support, anything is possible.

Carn, sign the petition for a skatepark on the Gold Coast’s most famous beach.

May the name ‘mute grab’ be banished for good. 

Vans tap the artistic mind of Lotties Skate Shop Owner Mike Gigliotti for this collection, underscoring the importance of the independent skate shop.

Announced over Zoom during Melbourne’s stage four lockdown.

Globe announce its “Low Velocity” clothing program – representing a major change in the brand’s approach to product by creating sustainable goods.

One of Australia’s pioneer pro skateboarders has passed away after a heart attack. 

The global pandemic has caused a delay on the release of the next print mag, but rest assured that we’ll be back very soon.

Hand-drawn Gonz illustrations to show appreciation for all the ‘Sketchy Skate Shops’ holding it down for their local scenes.

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