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One of Australia’s pioneer pro skateboarders has passed away after a heart attack. 

The global pandemic has caused a delay on the release of the next print mag, but rest assured that we’ll be back very soon.

Hand-drawn Gonz illustrations to show appreciation for all the ‘Sketchy Skate Shops’ holding it down for their local scenes.

Alexis Sablone has built, sharpened, and prepped the One Star Pro AS.

Shane O’Neill has been added as a character in the new THPS remastered version dropping this September.

A sneak peek at Jacko’s you-beaut backyard bowl.  

As skateparks around the country reopen, the local loonies will no doubt come back out of the woodwork.

A yarn with Zion, Ishod, Walker and Chima about the 2018 Real Skateboards Tour – from Issue 221.

adidas Skateboarding taps Jenn Soto and Mariah Duran for 50-year Superstar celebrations.

Vans celebrate the life of skateboarding legend, Jeff Grosso, live on Vans’ YouTube, on April 29, at 5am AEST.

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